Meet the Team


Rigoberto Mendoza          Executive Chef

  • Rigo has over 20 years experience in food service
  • Worked at the Ritz-Carlton and private clubs in Washington, DC
  • He owned two restaurants
  • Worked the 2020 Presidential Debate at Belmont University 
  • Has won two bronze medals from cooking competitions in Ohio

Evelyn Shea          Catering Director

  • Over 20 years experience in food service
  • Catering Director Joint Base Pearl Harbor
  • Catering Manager at the Saber and Quill Officers' Club
  • Directed large scale catering events for foreign dignitaries and high level military leaders

Leslie Jacobs         Catering Sales Specialist

  • 15+ years experience as catering sales specialist
  • Established relationships with local corporations
  • Extensive experience in customizing menus
  • Established relationships with local vendors 
  • Evelyn Shea


    Evelyn Shea

    Director of Catering

  • Rigoberto Mendoza


    Rigoberto Mendoza

    Catering Executive Chef

  • Leslie Jacobs


    Leslie Jacobs

    Catering Sales Specialist